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Monday, January 31, 2011

A Few Simple Rules

1.  Do not share work that is not yours.  Only post what you write.

2.  Always be respectful of others.

3.  Please post no more than 3 entries a week so that others may be read.

4.  Any spam will deleted and you will be blocked.

5.  Please only post poems of passion, love and heartbreak.
     (A poem about your car breaking down isn't what we are looking for)

6.  Leave something for the imagination.

As much as we flirt with the passionate side of writing we still have to draw a line somwhere.  This is not about pornography.  Please leave something for the imagination.  If you are just writing a new script for "Debbie Does Dallas" then don't bother leaving it here.

1 comment:

  1. Why not about your car breaking down? Most men love their cars way, way, WAY more than they love their wives or girl friends, whom they do not actually love but merely lust after, so their car breaking down can be their life's most heartbreaking experience. Just as polishing their car is the high point of their erotic experience.