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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wicked Wednesday #1

There are two ways to participate in Wicked Wednesdays.  The first is to simply use the photo posted every Wednesday to inspire a tale of passion or heartbreak that you can link here.  It can be poetry, flash fiction, a story, any work of art will do.  Just show us your inner, dare I say, naughtier side.  The second is maybe you already have something buried deep in you journal or computer daring you to share it with others.  This is the perfect place for those tales of lust and desire.  Don’t be afraid to expose your thoughts and link your words here.

Each Tuesday night or Wednesday morning a new photo prompt and Mr. Linky will be put up here for anyone to use.

Please comment after Posting!


  1. Well here goes nothing. I guess I am just calling out to those who want to write a bit outside the norm. Mine is about a fight gone right.

  2. Soap in the shower may be a nice feel,
    but soap in the eyes lacks a little sppeal! :)